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The Greatest Retreats for Women

If you have learned anything from the past year, one significant fact would likely be that you just have to take care of yourself.

No matter what methods you prefer to embrace for increasing the mindfulness in your life and decreasing your levels of stress, surely any of them is better than letting the anxiety, stress, and wear and tear of day to day life consume you.

But if you have found that you either do not have the time or the setting in which you operate on a daily basis is not conducive to reducing the stress and increasing the mindfulness in your life, then you should definitely consider an alternative method of making your life a happier one. Perhaps, a retreat might be in your future.

There are retreats that can be found across the globe that aim to provide women with immense sense of wellness, as well as some staunch methods of increasing mindfulness, and, of course, some purely fun activities sprinkled in, too.

One such example of these retreats is an entire series that comes from REI Outessa. Thousands of women flock from all over the United States to partake in a series like this one, which encourages women to challenge themselves, both physically and mentally, all while being surrounded by the blissful world of the outdoors.

Even more than this, there is a fabulous retreat for women in Bali that is entirely centered around yoga and there is a splendid retreat in the deserts of Utah, as well, that is completely based around rock climbing. Yes, you read that correctly, of course!

At first glance, you might not be inclined to think that rock climbing would be a great way of relieving your stress, but you would be surprised. It is certainly not the same thing as yoga, but the effects that it has on its participants can definitely be seen to have some noteworthy similarities.