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The Diet of Ironman Champions

When she was growing up, forty year old Chrissie Wellington was a member of her swim team, but she never really thought much of it. It certainly came into play, though, when she decided to become a competitor in triathlons.

While she was training, Wellington would always place a larger sense of importance on her education. While she was earning her master’s degree, though, back in 2000, Wellington started going for runs. It became such a habit that when she graduated, she ran her first ever marathon in just over three hours.

Four years later, when a friend recommended it to her, Wellington decided to take part in a triathlon for the first time. Moving to Nepal, Wellington trained herself and became rather deft at the skills required for such an undertaking. Now, of course, she is a champion of the Ironman contest four times over.

Wellington did not decide to take up the sport professionally until 2007, which just goes to show you that it certainly takes some time (in her case, seven years) to become a pinnacle of exercise, as evidenced by her mounting list of accomplishments.

Even more curious about what Wellington is capable of, she has made the idea of being an Ironman champion a particularly simple one.

Of course, the Ironman endeavor includes the necessity to swim for two miles, ride a bike for one hundred and twelve miles, and run for twenty-six point two miles. Wellington always believed that the idea of the Ironman was an absurd one.

And who could blame her? Any one of those tasks seems like it would be an impossible one and yet, Wellington has accomplished all three of them four times! That might be even more absurd than the idea of attempting one in the first place.

Speaking for myself, I know it would be practically impossible for me to get out of the water and get onto a bike. I would be far too exhausted after swimming for two miles. The idea of a marathon looming in my future would be a debilitating one.