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Police Find Man With 500k, You Won’t Believe What Happened!

For most people, we drive around happily knowing that things are as they seem. We are content with our schedules and only are surprised when things out of the ordinary happen. The average person wakes up, gets ready, goes to work, has a little bit of fun, and goes to sleep. One particular young man decided that it was time move away from his little apartment, with dreams of having a family, buying a large house and starting a family. He knew that he couldn’t do this at his regular day job, so he started to look for part time jobs. With no particular training, he quickly realized that getting an extra job only made him more stressed, for a paltry amount of money. It was not until one faithful day that he figured out what most of us never do in a lifetime: his passion and entrepreneurial drive.

Diving straight into books and online articles, he would read stories about how multi-millionaires created wealth from seemingly nothing. He researched further, and bought tens of online courses, to finally discover a particular niche he enjoyed. He worked on his marketing and sales efforts, built a website and even learned how to invest his money. Pretty quickly, he built a large sum of life savings, and decided that he was paying more in rent than he had to, and his services were largely remote, so he decided to move to a more rural area, as he would pay less in fees and is able to build the home of his dreams. He decided that he would look into home builders, and purchase the house up-front.

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One fateful morning, he finally settled on a builder that would do it within his price range. In the time he has spent with his online business and on the markets, he learned that debt and taxes brought upon hardship to his friends, so he wanted to avoid that at all costs. He would pay for the building of the home up-front, and then focus on finishing it later.

The builder agreed that they would build the house, and said that if they received cash as payment, they would waive the tax and only charge for service, labor and parts. The entrepreneur agreed, and liquidated the necessary assets to do so. He packed lightly, and fit all of his cash into a small rented truck, and took off to meet the builder, pay him, and further develop his beloved long-term plan.

He did not foresee that there was a surprise checkpoint on the way to the country side, and when the cops opened the back of the truck and saw that there was 500k cash in the back, the man was quickly detained. A huge surprise to the police was that the man came completely prepared, and produced a large suitcase filled with invoices, receipts and some USBs detailing online transaction records. Although it was a most unusual situation, he was eventually let go to start his new life.