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Going to the Gym as an Introvert

Let’s get real about something for a brief moment if you do not happen to mind. Going to the gym is a difficult thing for any person to decide to start doing, no matter if they are introverted or extroverted.

It is a place that is seen as daunting to as many, if not more people than those who see it as a place they love to go to every day.

Partly because daily workouts can easily take their toll on people do they have a bit of trepidation about entering the imposing building, but for many introverts the world over, the gym is a scary place because of one main reason: potential attention.

When you go into the gym, you are likely inclined to self-conscious about yourself, especially if you believe yourself to be out of shape or not athletically-inclined. When you walk in, it can be easy to feel that every single person in the gym is looking at you and because of this, many introverts never end up getting over their fear of going to the gym.

This is where Victoria Williams excelled. A self-proclaimed introvert, Williams claimed that she was never very good at athletically-inclined activities and it helped contribute to her sense of lacking self-confidence.

Obviously, the solution is different for every single introvert every day, but Williams found herself motivated when someone asked her when her baby was due, but she was not pregnant.

She decided to dive head first into the gym and give herself no rest days so it would be easier to get accustomed to going to the gym every day.

And clearly, as evidenced by the before and after photographs above, the decision paid off dividends for Williams because her main goal was to lose weight and she certainly achieved that with very visible results.