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Getting in Shape without the Gym

There are so many factors in your life that can contribute to weight gain so you have to remember that if you are on the cusp of embarking on your own personal journey of weight loss, that the reason you need to do this in the first place is not necessarily your fault.

Sometimes, things are just out of your control and life happens to get in the way. Things happen. And the only way to move forward into losing weight more effectively is to acknowledge that it was not your fault, en route to developing a more positive mindset for yourself that will be more receptive to losing weight and the psychology behind that in the first place.

This is the case with the story of Alicia Taylor. Taylor always considered herself to be an active person when she was growing up, but when she was an adult and she found herself working three jobs to support her two children, maintaining her weight was just not necessarily considered something that would be high on her priority list.

She eventually found herself at the point where she was about sixty pounds over the average weight for a person who fit her own criteria. After making many attempts to go to the gym to work out and to embrace new types of dieting techniques, Taylor found her efforts fruitless.

That is until she decided to try working out from home with the help of some DVDs for weight loss. No machinery or equipment was required for these and Taylor could do the exercises on the DVDs at her own discretion.

It became that much easier to make time for exercise and, in turn, it became just that much easier for Taylor to lose weight and, of course, keep the pounds off, as well.