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Getting in Shape with Soda in Mind

As a pastor, Ryan Culpepper felt like he was a walking contradiction. He spent his days preaching about the importance of living a full and happy life when he wasn’t happy with himself.

I have never been said to be medically overweight by a professional who would know what he, or she, is talking about, but I did experience a period in my life in which I was unhealthy. I was only a kid at the time, but I was still developing bad habits that would haunt me in the future.

The biggest of these habits was my proclivity towards soda and all types of soft drinks; they were practically my go to beverage. However, one day, I decided to opt out of drinking so much soda and I have not gone back since.

Ever since that moment, I have felt so much better, but the kicker is that I not only feel better physically, I also feel like I am much healthier mentally than I was. Soda was just straight up bad for me.

And I am not here to judge anyone who loves having soda in their lives, but I am here to relay a story that I felt was somewhat similar to my own. This is the story of Ryan Culpepper, a pastor who felt like he was not just physically unhealthy, but he was also very unhappy with his life.

As a result of these feelings and his profession, Culpepper believed he was acting like a hypocrite so he sought to change these feelings, as well as his weight.

Coming in at over four hundred and fifty pounds, Culpepper attempted to do the Atkins Diet weight loss program and while he was able to lose one hundred pounds with it, he quickly gained this weight back.

It was not until he cut soda out of his diet that Ryan Culpepper began to notice tangible, important improvements in his life, both in terms of his weight and his mindset.