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Fit Enough to Go Hiking

Kristen Bloom, who is pictured above at two different periods in her life, is someone who considers herself to be relentlessly optimistic and this is a character trait of hers that became a factor in her own journey of weight loss.

When she got her first job as someone who was a young woman in her twenties, Bloom began to put on some weight, but she did not think anything of it. Because of her optimistic demeanor, Bloom brushed it off because she was confident that it was just growing pains and it would come off just fine even if she had to do some quick weight loss work herself.

However, when Bloom was in her thirties, she still weighed over two hundred pounds and was admitted to the hospital to deal with a bout of appendicitis.

She knew that the affliction was not related to her weight, but it occurred to her that eventually she would be forced to deal with a medical problem that came about as a result of her weight and this forced her down the path of seeking methods of losing weight because she was generally uninterested in coping with such an issue.

Bloom decided to research the best methods for losing weight and she eventually decided to begin working toward her goal by walking for thirty minutes for five of the seven days of the week.

It was challenging for her at first, but she soon started to gain momentum in her journey as her daily walks turned into more vigorous and challenging exercises.

The efforts she was making ended up seeping into her dietary decisions, too, and Bloom found herself achieving heaps of progress toward her goal at a time. Now, Bloom is proudly able to hike a mountain with an immense sense of ease. Those rough thirty minute walks are a thing of the past.