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Carrying on after Breast Cancer

It is not always easy to remember just how far we have come as a society in terms of the way breast cancer diagnoses are handled.

Sometimes, it can be hard to remember that just because no cure for breast cancer has been found yet, that that does not mean that immense bouts of progress have been made throughout the innumerable charities and fundraising events that have transpired over the past twenty to thirty years.

In fact, the treatment for the disease has made such immense progress that you would be hard pressed to find a cancer that has had as much of a staunch turnaround as breast cancer has. For breast cancers that are in either stage zero or the first stage of their metastasis, the five-year survival rate has almost reached a whopping one hundred percent.

As for stage two breast cancer, the five-year survival rate is currently sitting at about ninety-three percent and the breast cancers in stage three currently exist within a seventy-two percent five-year survival rate.

This is a truly astounding collection of statistics in the medical research field, especially when you consider that some cancers have a five-year survival rate in their earliest stage that is just under half of what the five-year survival rate is for people who have breast cancer in stage three.

However, despite the many positive effects that these statistics have, it does not mean that breast cancer is any easier to be diagnosed with. Many people have said that being diagnosed with breast cancer was a moment in their lives that took a lot of things they valued away from them.

Some were quick to say that it took away their financial levels of comfort, as well as the confidence they had in their appearances. But others who have been diagnosed with the disease have been quick to say that their diagnosis immediately showed them how many people in their lives valued and loved them. And is that not always so reassuring to learn?